Policies & Rules

【Booking, Check-in, Check-out】

Schedule to check-in, check-out

Check-in Time: 15:00 – 22:00 (Baggage deposited starts from 9:30 am.)

Latest Check-out Time: 11:00 am

  1. Reception desk opens from 10 am to 10:00 pm. After check-in, we will offer 24 hr emergency call for our guests. Please inform us before you arrive if you would like to check–in late at night.
  2. The latest check-out time is 11:00 am. We charge NTD 100/person per hour if your check-out is later than the Light Inn’s schedule.
  3. Only NTD  accepted. Please handle payment first upon arrival, guests should pay and finish check-in at the counter. If you would like to pay with credit card, we charge additional 2% handling fee.
  4. Please inform us how many beds you want when booking and please do check-in according to the number of beds you booked before. If you add more beds, we do additional charge. Light Inn charges additionally NTD 1,000/person if you add beds upon your check-in.
  5. If the locker key is lost, please pay NTD 100 as the compensation.
  6. No breakfast provided at Light Inn.
  7. No pet allowed and if it were found, we charge NTD 1,000 as Light Inn cleaning fee. Only guide dog is allowed here at Light Inn.
  8. You will compensate us the original price the stuff or facilities you break with, and also the unable cleanable stain the original price we charge.
  9. If you steal or break any stuff on purpose, we ask you to pay 10 times the original price and you will be transited to the law.
  10. If drinking at Light Inn or causing any dirty trouble, please clean them all by yourselves plus the environment cleaning fee at least NTD 800.
  11. In order to be an environmental friendly guest, please bring your towel and tooth brush kits. Light Inn prepares hair dryer, body wash, shampoo and slippers for you.
  12. Long-term stay at Light Inn can be negotiable face to face.
  13. Renting the whole Light Inn is sincerely welcome.
  14. Rules for returning the deposit

If you book via Internet such as booking.com, Agoda, etc, please follow the rules of websites when you want to cancel or update your invoices. Other ways of booking such as phone calls or booking thru Facebook, Light Inn asks you to inform us as early as possible when it comes to cancelling or updating any invoices. Light Inn will handle cases according to the government’s rule. Please make sure with Light Inn staff first, maybe the deposit could be reserved for one year. However, the room price will change according to the” present” price at that time for which you want to book. We feel sorry for no deposit returning to guest who wants to cancel, but just booked that day.

  1. The deposit for rooms of discount and Rent for whole Light Inn will not be refundable. However, the deposit can be retained one year. If you need to handle this kind of deposit issue, please inform Light Inn prior to 7 days. If the Keelung City government calls off school and work, then the deposit can be retained/reserved 1 year.

【During the stay】

  1. In Taiwan, the law regulates that no smoking in public area. Violators will be fined according to the law around NTD 2,000 to NTD 10,000.
  2. Smoking is prohibited at Light Inn. Those who smoke will be charged at least NTD 2,000 the cleaning fee. The guests are also not allowed to gamble, drinking, party, taking drugs and making noises. In addition, any outlaws will be transited to the law.
  3. We don’t have curfew here at Light Inn. Please be noted to stay quiet if you are late when come back and please be quiet especially after 10 pm
  4. To provide comfortable environment, please respect each other. As for the use of lobby, shower and hair dryer, please finish them before 11:30 Pm. Light Inn provides free washing machine/washing powder and 10-minute clothes dryer only NTD 10. Please wash and use clothes dryer from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm. (No time limit here if you rent the whole Light Inn.and  please take shower befor 11pm.The lobby will close at 11:30 pm.
  5. In order to respect each other and maintain privacy, we prohibit the visitors enter into the guest’s rooms. If your friend visits, please let them register at the front desk first. S/he can meet our guests in lobby. The visitors should leave in 30 minutes and will be charged NTD 50 per hour after 30 minutes. Please note that they leave before 10 pm. If leaving later than 10 pm, we charge according to the rule at Light Inn as one more guests staying here that night. There is also a McDonald’s located next to us. People can dine at the McDonald’s until 1:30 am. We are surrounded by many 24 hour convenient stores. Please go there and enjoy your chat if you feel restricted.
  6. Please dine in lobby, rather than dining at your room.
  7. To let the guests enjoy clean and comfortable sleeping environment, Light Inn provides high quality bed sheet package for guests such as pillow cover and fitted sheet. As for the hygiene and safety concerns, we ask guests to make the beds and put these sheets on by themselves. (Double room excluded).
  8. There is a basket in front of the reception desk, for which to put back the bed sheet package such as pillow cover and fitted sheet, the slippers also, when you check-out. Please insert the locker key back to its locker.
  9. Please wear slippers at Light Inn. While we offer you a shoe rack at your doorway, please put back your shoes on it.
  10. Please turn your cell phone to silence/vibration mode, especially when using Line or other messenger apps that makes a sound. We want to make sure that other guests will not be bothered by them.
  11. Light Inn has no responsibility for your personal belongings, but we will preserve the lost stuff only for one week. Please take care!
  12. The kitchen opens from 10 am to 10 pm. Please use the kitchen if you need to cook. Cooking and using related cooking facilities are not allowed in guests’ rooms.
  13. Food with heavy smell such as stinky tofu, smelly hot pot, and durian are not allowed here.
  14. It’s a must that you double check the AC, TV and lamp are all turned off when you go out.
  15. If you leave your room to go out for sightseeing, Light Inn Staff will enter in for a high quality of room temperature, smell, cleanness and volume to bring out pleasant experience for every guest while you enjoy your stay here with us. To save energy, the Staff will also turn off the AC and electricity appliances while there is no guest in room.
  16. Please treat each other here in Light Inn with respect and politeness. Maintain clean and be quiet are also important.
  17. The Light Inn Staff feel grateful for your stay and your consideration. If you feel offended and any inconvenience caused, please let us know. Thank you very much!
  18. Please take any valuables with you. We are not responsible for any lost.
    Thank you。